Sugar Export Company in Dharmapuri GM EXPORT COMPANY India

Quality Control. From The Farm to The Manufacturing Sugar 
As India's largest producer of specialty sugars, we offer 'a sugar for virtually every consumer need'. We have established Trust as the leading brand in the specialty sugar space.

A Product Range That Spans the Entire Sugar Value Chain

We have fully integrated our three sugar refineries with the distillery, co-generation and bio-compost units. Most of the sugar we produce confines to EU grade. The result is energy conservation, optimal utilization of by-products, cost savings and most importantly, a product portfolio that includes speciality sugars, potable liquor, ethanol, power and organic manure.

Quality Control. From The Farm To The Manufacturing   

We are fully compliant to world-class quality standards. Our quality control efforts extend from the lab to the farmland to the manufacturing floor. Research farms at GM EXPORT COMPANY India grow different cane varieties noted for their quality and yield attributes. The crop varieties are then closely scrutinised for disease and pest resistance at the lab. Based on these findings, a continuous feedback is provided to farmers, with whom we are in close contact at every stage of the crop cycle.

Quality Control Certification    

ISO XXXXXXXX for Quality Management System
ISO XXXXXXXX for Environment Management System
HACCP for Food Safety

GM EXPORT COMPANY   is a World-Class Technology, World-Class Sugars

We are quite renowned for the business of Sugar in the country as well as out side it. Our sugar is naturally sweet and is manufactured form India best quality sugarcane plantation. Our crystal sugar is rich source of carbohydrate and other useful minerals. We prepare our finished icumsa sugar from organic jaggery. Considering the fact that we distribute highest quality sugar in the market place we are among the most famous white sugar exporter the country. We are also one of the most important GM sugar suppliers in Dharmapuri Tamil NaduIndia.

We supply a wide and exclusive range Sugar to our customers in India and abroad as well. Our range comprises of premium quality Indian sugar, refined sugar, granulated sugar, white sugar etc. we are also one of the well known granulated sugar importers and white Gm sugar exporters in India.

Sugar Categories based on crystal size: small, medium and large. We can supply sugar of following grades : L-31, M-31, S-31, L-30, M-30 and S-30 out of which maximum production is of S-30 bright sugar. Sugar grading is done for colour and grain size. Sugar produced is regularly matched with N.S.I. standards.

Sugar is known for its high quality, hygiene and good taste. Indian Sugar manufacturing process at our business partner plants takes place under strict quality control measures and produced sugar is nowhere touched by hands. We are always among the first to adopt latest equipment and technology to ensure that our product quality is nothing but the best. S-30 sugar is crystal clear and is known to be sweeter and healthier than many other sugar brands.

GM Sugar Export 

We are one of the leading merchant exporters in India, We do export of sugar ICUMSA-45 along with superior quality all over the world our main market for sugar is middle easet, South Africa, West Africa, our sugar ICUMSA-45 is very popular among our oversea`s clients.

We do Exports & supply of permium quality of sugar ICUMSA-150(S-30) for our clients in different part of the world. Quality & Punchuality of supply of our sugar is our lifetime in the oversea`s market. Our standard packing is in new 50kg PP bags but we do packing also as per buyer`s requirement.

ICUMSA-800 TO 1200
We are one of the leading exporter and importer of brown sugar (ICUMSA-800 TO 1200) from India. We do the export of brown sugar all over the world. Our standard packing is in new 50kg PP bags we do packing also as per buyer`s requirement